Monday, November 20, 2006

The Knitting Whisperer

Yes, folks, that is I: the Knitting Whisperer. I completely lost my voice this weekend, and it is still gone. GPG took me to a really nice restaurant on Saturday night to celebrate (belatedly) our anniversary, and he could barely hear a thing I said. (That having been said, Da Marco is a very tasty restaurant. Check it out for a nice splurge.) Really, the only time he could hear me say anything was when we were together in complete quiet, like at home or in the car with no radio.

But, despite having to speak in a whisper all weekend, I did manage to get a lot of knitting done. (It helps when GPG drives so I can knit as we're going somewhere.) I made some progress on the second Flower Basket shawl, for GPG's mom, as well as some progress on the second thank-you scarf. I also started an Odessa for GPG's sister.

Most importantly, I blocked out the first Flower Basket shawl, intended for the Boll Weaver. GPG graciously took lots of blocking photos. Unfortunately, I had to leave to head back to Austin before I could take all the pins out and see the finished product. (I caught a ride to Houston and back this weekend, so I had to leave when the ride was ready to go.) I also didn't get to look at any of the pictures. But, I will be back in Houston in a couple of days for Thanksgiving, so we'll be able to take some photos of the finished shawl soon. And then I'll post pictures of everything.

Have a good week!


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