Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Zoo Boo

This weekend and next, the Houston Zoo is hosting the "Zoo Boo" to celebrate Halloween. GPG and I went on Saturday and discovered that the zoo went crazy with pumpkins:

In addition to a bunch of plastic jack-o-lanterns hung up in the trees, there were lots of real carved jack-o-lanterns in a long fountain in a central sort of promenade in the zoo. Some of them were very well done:

The zoo also gave lots of animals pumpkins as a treat. Many omnivorous and herbivorous animals had them in their compounds.

In addition to pumpkins, we saw a lot of little kids dressed up in costumes. We saw pirates, witches, princesses/fairies, a ninja, a dragon, a tiger, and lots of generic superheroes. (Or, maybe the superheroes were today's brand-name version of the Power Rangers or the Thundercats or something like that. I couldn't identify many of the superheroes and felt very old.) There were also a tad too many goth or Ren-Faire type adults with cloaks and white face paint on.

And why were we at the zoo in the first place? Not for the Zoo Boo, I can assure you, although it was fun to see all those kids dressed up in costumes. We were there . . . to see the NEW BABY ELEPHANT! He was awfully darn cute. Stay tuned for pictures of him, plus pictures of baby (well, not so baby anymore) giraffes and orangutangs!


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