Sunday, August 27, 2006

FOs: 2. Pictures: 0.

I finally have some FOs! But, alas, no pictures, because they are both gifts. I actually have taken some pictures with GPG's camera, but I won't post them until I mail them off.

After knitting like a madwoman this summer, I finally finished the Violinist's wedding present. It's a bit late, but at least it's done. I tried to mail it off this weekend, but the post office branch I went to wasn't open! Thwarted! I will have to schlep it across campus in the blazing TX heat next week to mail it from the branch on campus.

At the same time, though, I will be able to mail off the Ecologist's birthday present, which is also somewhat late (even later than the wedding present). I finally bound off that sucker last night, and it's done!

I had something of a knitting block with both these gifts. The Violinist's present was somewhat big, so it took until this summer (and an impending deadline) for me to buckle down and finally make some serious progress on it. Thanks to all those evenings of watching DVR'ed Project Runway in L.A., I finally finished it.

And, of course, knitting on the Violinist's present meant that I fell behind on the Ecologist's present. I also ripped a fair amount of it out at one point, because I realized that the stitch pattern that I had chosen (a double moss stitch) was beautiful for the yarn, but not too great to wear. So, in interests of expediency, I switched to a simple rib that makes the yarn pool somewhat, but provides a much better fit.

Sorry to be so cryptic. Pictures will hopefully be postable in a week or so, depending on how on-the-ball I am with getting these things sent off. It may not happen right away--I have two days of orientation to help out with for the newbies on my journal this week, and school starts on Wednesday. Plus, it's hot as all get out in Austin. So we'll see when I actually get over to the post office.


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