Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Yeah, so . . . not as much knitting at work as I had hoped. I ended up starting work with only two other people, so it would have been really obvious if I had taken out my knitting during any of the orientation sessions where we learned how to use the computers, how to use Westlaw, etc. I didn't want to be that disrespectful at these orientation things, even though this is the second time around for me. So the only knitting I've gotten done is mostly in the car when GPG drives us to the gym, and a little bit of knitting at night.

And, unfortunately, both of the things I'm now knitting are gifts, so I can't really post any good update pictures. First, I'm working on the socks that will substitute as a gift for the Koigu ankle socks that I ended up keeping for myself. Like the ankle socks, these are also toe-up Koigu socks, but I'm patterning them with a double moss stitch and they'll be full-size socks. I'm turning the heel on the first sock now.

I also resumed work on the Violinist's wedding present, which got put on hold once it got too big to tote back and forth from school. "Wow, Seedless Grape," you might say. "Weren't you supposed to have that gift finished by June?" Well . . . yes. But I've extended my deadline until August. The Violinist is, in fact, getting married in Korea this weekend, but I won't be there and I won't actually help celebrate the wedding until his reception in the U.S. in August. Since I won't celebrate the wedding until then, the gift doesn't have to be ready until then . . . right?

Anyway, eventually I'll have some pictures to post. In the meantime, work at the Big Firm is keeping me pretty busy and it's getting swelteringly hot in Houston. What else is new?


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