Monday, May 08, 2006

This socks!

Cheesy title, I know. Sorry; I couldn't resist.

I have lots of sock news. Most importantly, the Trekking socks are done!

See how nice they look?

Here's another picture that GPG kindly took, so you can get a peek at the side of a sock:

And here are some details:

Trekking XXL Socks (can't remember which colorway, and I don't have the label with me)
72 sts cast-on; 70 stitches around the foot
K3, P1 rib
US 1 needles

I think that Trekking is a pretty nice yarn to work with, although it's certainly not as plush as yarns like Lorna's Laces and Koigu. I've noticed that there is some itch potential when I try the socks on; I might have to give them a wash with some conditioner to make them more comfortable. But, I really like the way the fabric of the socks turned out, and I will knit some more socks with US 1 needles. I'm a convert.

In fact, I liked the US 1 needles so much that I started my next socks on them, too. I'm using some Regia Multiringel that I've had for FOUR YEARS. But . . . although I've been hoarding the yarn for a long while, that's probably a good thing, because I think any socks I would have tried to make four years ago would have been a big disaster.

Of course, I can still make disasters for myself. Initially, I tried to make some Jaywalkers:

Buuuut . . . they wouldn't fit!

I had initially cast on the regular 76 sts called for in the pattern, but decided that was too loose. The Regia is slightly thicker than the Trekking, and 72 sts for the Trekking had been just about right, so I knew that 76 sts for a Jaywalker probably wouldn't work. At the same time, I also figured that reducing the pattern repeat by one stitch, for a 68-st cast-on, would probably also not work. But I decided to give it a try. I ripped out the loose sock and tried to knit loosely.

Unfortunately, the smaller sock was waaaay too tight. After knitting about 4 inches, I couldn't pull it past my heel! I had heard that the Jaywalker pattern makes for pretty inelastic socks, and after seeing it for myself, I decided to throw in the towel with regards to this particular pattern. My ankles and feet are pretty narrow, and I figured that anything that could get around my heel would probably end up slouching around my ankles in an undesirable way. I might experiment with the Jaywalker pattern and bigger needles or different yarn later, but right now I know that the Multiringel + US 1 needles just won't work.

So, I ripped out yet again and cast on for a new sock:

It's just another plain ribbed sock, in interests of speed and stash-busting. I cast on 70 sts for a K3, P2 rib. So far it looks pretty good.

And, the best part? It fits around my heel!


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