Friday, April 28, 2006

On to sock two! The knitting mojo is back.

I actually finished sock one on Wednesday night because I had so much knitting-conducive work to do at school. What is knitting-conducive work? Meetings and reading where I don't have to take notes. I especially like the latter when I have an easy project to work on and can keep myself awake while slogging through boring law articles.

Now I'm on sock two and have made it past the cuff into the regular pattern for the leg. I don't think that the second sock will get finished too quickly since finals are coming up, but we'll give it a shot. These socks, although made to fit me, might have to do for a Mother's Day present for the Chairwoman if I don't have time to make something additional for a proper gift.

And, I'm almost done with the Handknit Holidays Christmas Rose satchel I started a long time ago as a thank you gift to some friends in Germany. I've finished the fair isle part and all that's left is some decreases for the bottom of the bag. GPG is coming to visit this weekend with his digital camera, so I will hopefully have some pictures of it eventually.

Have a good weekend!


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