Tuesday, April 18, 2006


This morning on the bus ride to school I ripped out the cuff-down sock I had been working on. I had turned the heel already and was pretty far along doing decreases for the foot, but I was lacking my regular sock mojo. I had tried a baby cable rib, but didn't like how it looked (especially with Trekking XXL self-striping yarn), and the sock was a bit too snug because I decided to try US1 needles for the first time and didn't cast on quite enough stitches. (I know I should have swatched, but whatever. It actually fit, but I just decided I wanted something a little looser).

I cast on again with a few more stitches and will try a garter rib sock instead. That should be faster to knit than the baby cable, which was giving me fits, and should work better with the striping.

Today I turn in a paper and finish HALF of my classes for the semester. YEE HAW! All that's left is one exam on May 5 and another on May 12. Although the last month has been somewhat hellish, I'm actually looking forward to the finals season. How turned-around, upside-down is that?


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