Sunday, March 12, 2006

Weekend with GPG

I'm technically on Spring Break at the moment, but unfortunately for the journal I'm working on, there is no such thing. This week I'll be spending every day, 9 to 5, at the law school being a journal monkey. It's only Tuesday and I'm pretty tired of it.

However, I did spend a nice weekend with GPG in Houston, and I did manage to take some pictures. Finally, I have some proof that I've been knitting!

What is it? I'm not telling; it's a secret. It's the Violinist's wedding present. So no more hints before it's done.

One of the main things GPG and I did this weekend was trim our bonsai trees. The Yaupon shrub we bought first has been growing quite a bit. Here is GPG giving it yet another hair cut:

He looks like a very intent barber, doesn't he?

Here is a picture of my Bougainvillea. It was not getting a lot of sunlight at my apartment in Austin, so I've foisted it on GPG. He has a balcony where it will get plenty of sunshine. I also think GPG is probably better about watering the bonsais than I am.

See how yellow-ish the leaves are? It's probably better to leave it in GPG's care.

And here is GPG's balcony with the three trees. The Ficus doesn't seem to be doing much, but hopefully it will grow more now that it's getting warmer.

What else did we do this weekend? Mostly rest and try to recuperate from a long week. Oh, and we ate a lot. More weekend pictures to come!


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