Monday, February 20, 2006

Down to the line

The Chairwoman is visiting me for a few days from Japan, and I'm struggling mightily to finish up the Chairman's birthday present so she can take it with her when she leaves and bring it to him. I'm almost done, but things may come down to the line in the next day or so before she takes off. Let's just say I'll have to find more time to knit than just my usual bus ride.

Weekend recap:

* GPG and I caught two new exhibits at the Harry Ransom Center this weekend. Like the previous Ansel Adams exhibit they had, these exhibits were great and my regard for the HRC is now even higher than it was before.

The exhibit that GPG and I spent the most time looking at is called "The Image Wrought: Historical Photographic Approaches in the Digital Age." It features some historical photographs taken when photography was a new emerging technology and photographers were experimenting with different ways to record images: pinhole cameras, daguerreotypes, etc. But, the neat thing about the exhibit is that it features modern photographs taken with similar techniques, so you can compare the pictures.

They also had another exhibit, The Technologies of Writing, which was a lot more extensive than the small photographic exhibit. GPG and I didn't spend so much time with this one, so I don't have as much to report on it, but it was done with a great level of skill and detail. Basically, it covers the evolution of systems of writing and how these systems were executed through the ages (e.g., papyrus, printing presses, etc.). I think I'd like to go back and take more time to look at everything.

* Upper Crust Bakery: A great bakery and an awesome substsitute for Houston's Croissant Brioche. GPG and I went there and had a cinnamon roll, a strawberry danish, and tasty versions of a chocolate croissant and almond croissant. And even better? With two bottomless mugs of coffee, the total came up to LESS THAN TEN DOLLARS. For a capital breakfast! Two big thumbs up for the UCB. In fact, I plan on taking the Chairwoman there tomorrow before she has to leave.


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