Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ski Trip II!

Well, I'm back and more or less recovered from Ski Trip II: Boondoggle Boogaloo. I actually got back on Sunday night, but it was pretty late (11:45 pm by the time I got home) and the past two days I've been trying to catch up with school work. Now I have some breathing space again and can post.

The trip itself was really nice. We went to Deer Valley in Utah, and although the snow wasn't quite as nice as it was in Colorado, the mountain itself had lots of good routes for all kinds of skill levels. Certainly enough to wear me out over two days. It also didn't hurt that we got fed good food and put up in good lodging. Nope, that didn't hurt at all.

Something that's worth noting is that Deer Valley, along with some other resorts in the Park City area in Utah, apparently offers a free ticket to anyone who flies in to Salt Lake City and wants to ski that same day. I think they have this promotion to encourage people to come ski in the area--you know, basically to show what great access SLC has to these resorts and how easy it is to get into town for a weekend of skiing.

Anyway, in knitting news, I bought the yarn for the Violinist's wedding present and started knitting. I figure that if I manage to do a few rows every night, maybe I'll be able to finish it in time.

I also am sort of trucking along on the Chairman's (now belated) birthday present. Unfortunately, knitting in the dark on the bus causes problems--who would've thought?--and I had to frog quite a bit today. Grr. But I think I almost have things straightened out and will be able to resume regular knitting.

Hope you all had a good Valentine's Day!


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