Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ski Trip I

Well, I am back from Ski Trip I, and unfortunately . . . no pictures. GPG and I are not very big picture-takers, so we didn't really take any good photos to capture the trip experience. GPG did go wandering around Breckenridge with Yiqianzi (Cheechoo's dad), who is a great amateur photographer, so he got some art-ier pictures of the town and some ice sculptures in a big sculpture competition going on while we were there. But there are only a few blurry pictures of skiing, and they are only of me because GPG had the camera. You'll have to check out Yiqianzi for some of the ice sculpture pictures.

And, because I was so tired after getting back from the trip, I didn't even get them saved at GPG's before I had to leave to come back to school. So there will definitely be no pictures for a while, since visiting GPG won't happen any time in the near future.

The trip itself was decent. I'm a bit lukewarm in my report because it was sort of a zero sum game--good things mixed with bad things. The main good thing was the snow. The skiing was great; on Sunday morning we had fresh powder to ski through, and the rest of the time there was nicely groomed snow without a single icy or rocky patch.

The main bad thing was my altitude headaches. I hardly ever get such headaches, but I had them on this trip and was pretty grumpy for most of it, as GPG will tell you. I was eating ibuprofen like candy, and it didn't help that everyone was staying up late and that there weren't quite enough blankets to go around at night, so I was sleeping fairly fitfully. Not enough sleep + altitude headaches = very grumpy Seedless Grape.

Plus, the traffic through the Eisenhower Tunnel was just awful. I don't understand why it was so terrible, but it took us hours to get anywhere on I-70. I finished part of the Chairman's birthday present while we were stuck there, inching along. The traveling logistics definitely grumpified the trip for both me and GPG.

But, it was good to see the Family von Seedless Grape again and to meet Cheechoo for the first time. And it was probably good to get a warm-up for Ski Trip II this weekend. More on that later.


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