Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Breakfast Klub and Sinh Sinh

GPG and I had a weekend of gluttony. At least, that's what it seemed like. We tried a few new places and here's a basic recap:

Breakfast Klub: I had a hankering for waffles for breakfast on Saturday, but GPG and I didn't know of any place that served waffles in town. So we poked around on the Internet and called a few places, and we found an on-line listing for the Breakfast Klub, which is on the corner of Travis and W. Alabama. We had passed by the BK several times before, and usually we saw a long line of people curling out the door and around the block. We often commented on the line when we drove by, because we couldn't believe that people would wait in line for the actual food in the restaurant. We figured that maybe some kind of special event was going on.

Well, it turns out that the line was indeed to get in to the restaurant to eat the food there. We had read on-line that the BK served waffles and were intrigued by the crowd of people who seemed to wait so patiently to get in, so we went there and stood in line for about half an hour before we were able to place orders and get seated. We both ordered waffles with strawberries on top. GPG got scrambled eggs and sausage; I got sunny-side-up eggs and a biscuit in lieu of meat (besides sausage, they offered bacon, ham, and turkey).

The verdict? Very good, very tasty. Perhaps not worth standing in line for, but worth waking up a little earlier on Saturday morning to avoid the line. The waffle was exactly what I wanted (though a bit on the small side, in my opinion) and I think they did something to the strawberries (maybe macerate them a bit? sweeten them?) to make them juicy and sweet. It was a gratifying breakfast, and their pancakes and French toast also looked mighty good. We'll definitely be going back again, though, as I said before, perhaps earlier or maybe on a weekday to avoid the long line.

In addition, just FYI, the BK has a southern sort of bent and serves waffles and wings (that is, fried chicken wings) and catfish and grits. Although I don't know if I'd be keen on eating those things for breakfast, and I'm not a big fan of grits, but the wings, at least, did look good. They also had some sandwiches and salads, I think, for lunch/brunch options. Check it out if you're in the neighborhood!

Sinh Sinh: To celebrate Chinese New Year on Sunday, GPG and I went to Chinatown. We weren't quite sure where we would eat when we started out, but I recalled that the Chairman and Chairwoman had ordered some takeout from Sinh Sinh that was quite good. So, when we found the restaurant, GPG and I decided to give it a try.

SS, like BK, was a good find. We ordered a seafood clay pot (with XO sauce--whatever that XO sauce is, it's always good) and a sizzling beef dish (the kind that comes out on a hot metal platter all sizzly and bubbling and hot), and both were very good. The cuts of meat in the beef dish and of the seafood (squid, scallops, etc) in the claypot were very generous and tender, and the sauces were flavorful. The rice was also quite decent--not the best quality, though not the worst, either. It was a really satisfying meal.

The only reason why we might not become SS regulars is because it is a bit of a drive for us and it's possible to get similarly enjoyable meals closer to our home base for a slightly cheaper price. But, if we're ever in that area, it's a very likely choice for a meal. A lot of the things on the menu looked great.


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