Monday, April 24, 2006


Doesn't sound quite as dramatic as "rrrrrip!," does it?

I am now on my FOURTH attempt at knitting some socks out of this Trekking yarn. But I think that I'm finally on the version that will stick.

I ripped the garter stitch sock on Saturday and started a third attempt with 72 stitches. Of course, I should have paid attention to past experience and just started a new garter stitch sock. But, I went to the bookstore on Saturday night and flipped through Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks, a book I have always wanted to get but have not yet bought. The pattern for the Gentleman's Half Hose (I think) looked simple but seemed to produce an interesting fabric, so against my better judgment, I decided to try it.

And yes, the pattern is simple (Rnd 1: K1, P1; Rnds 2, 3: Knit), and it does produce a good fabric, but . . . again, the sock was too big. I only knit 15 or so rounds before I realized that it would be way too loose. Unwilling to rip again, especially since the cuff was fine, I tinked instead, which took a good part of the afternoon. Gentleman's Half Hose will have to wait for another yarn.

So now I am on my fourth attempt at these socks. I've learned from my mistakes (tinking will make sure you remember mistakes for a looong time) and am now working on a very simple, very boring, but very quick K3, P1 pattern. After so many too-loose socks, I was unwilling to try even the garter stitch rib for fear that the sock would be too big. So straight up ribbing it is. Actually, it's coming along pretty well; the variegation of the yarn, the plain pattern actually looks the best of all the attempt.

Anyway, come what may, this sock WILL GET KNIT. And maybe I will even have pictures. Eventually.


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