Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It's not me, it's yarn

The second Trekking sock is slowly working its way to completion; I've turned the heel and am now trucking along (or should that be trekking along?) on the foot. Although I'm making good progress, I'm definitely aware of the relative smallness of the size 1 needles now. Usually the feet of socks fly by pretty quickly for me, especially since the sole of the sock is now stockinette stitch instead of a pattern. But these Trekking socks feel like they're taking quite a while.

I've been knitting a fair amount at school while reading and studying, and I think it's pretty funny to hear some of the reactions people have to my knitting. All my friends know that I knit, but I think this is probably the first time I've ever used any kind of variegated yarn for a school knitting project. The subtle striping of the Trekking yarn has seriously blown people's minds. "How are you getting those stripes???" "Where are the stripes coming from?" When I tell them that it's the yarn, they're astounded. It's pretty amusing to this particular knitter.

I wonder what they'll think of the next pair of socks (maybe Jaywalkers?) that I'm planning to knit out of Regia Mini-Ringel. That yarn's not just variegated, but self-striping! The world will probably start spinning backwards.


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