Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Out of my hands

Well, the clerkship application thing is now out of my hands. Yesterday, all my hard copy applications got FedExed via overnight delivery to those judges accepting applications through the mail. Today at 12 noon, Eastern time, the on-line applications were made available to those judges accepting electronic applications. There is nothing I can do about it now. Besides cringe at the thought of all the bazillion typos I invariably had in my applications, of course.

Now that the clerkship application madness is over . . . for a while . . . I have to catch up on school work and journal duties. Bleah. I was pretty dumb and signed up for a fairly heavy course load this semester, so I'm sure I'll regret it later on. There probably won't be much posting about anything non-school related for a bit.

But, for some good news, GPG just bought a new SLR camera, and it is winging its way to him as I type. This is good because 1) I'll get to try it out and maybe learn something about photography, and 2) I'll inherit his little Olympus digital camera, which will mean many more photos on this blog! Finally! I feel like this blog has been pretty boring without pictures to show, so I'm excited about finally getting a digital camera of my own. That new SLR camera can't get to GPG soon enough, in my opinion!

More knitting-related content in a couple days. I'm working on a sock with a 12 sts/in gauge, which means that it's knitting up really slowly. More details to follow.


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