Sunday, November 12, 2006

An appalling lack of self-discipline

Yesterday I suffered from an appalling lack of self-discipline and stayed up until 4 in the morning working on a new Flower Basket shawl. Not a good idea if your original plan was to wake up at 8, get to school at a reasonable hour to get some work done, and then leave around 4 to go running outside. I ended up not waking up until 10:15 or so. But at least that new Flower Basket Shawl has several repeats now.

I say "new" FB shawl because I finished the first one yesterday at the last panel of the Frontiers of IP symposium sponsored, in part, by my journal at school. I attended the entire symposium and got quite a bit of knitting on the shawl done, and I managed to cast off just before the whole shebang ended on Saturday. Although I am one of the few editors on my journal interested in IP, the knitting was just about the only useful thing I managed to get out of the symposium.

I am visiting GPG this coming weekend and hope to take pictures of before and after blocking the shawl. Although I have knit up some lace before, this is really my first lace FO, and it is definitely the first time I will have ever blocked lace. So I hope it turns out nicely. I'm a bit concerned about the size because I used US 3 needles and sock-weight yarn, even though the pattern recommended US 6 needles (which I'm now using for the new shawl). I hope that the shawl will stretch a lot so that it's a proper drape-y size. It's supposed to be a gift for the Boll Weaver, and she's tall enough that it needs to be a lot bigger than it is now, fresh off the needles.

Anyway, I now need to get back to an edit in order to atone for my lack of self-discipline earlier. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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