Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Feats of strength

I have nothing terribly interesting to report; the end of the semester is drawing near, so everything and everyone around school is getting a little bit tense. The Grey's Anatomy enchilada feast last week was a rousing success, although I think my guacamole left a little something to be desired. (I have yet to find a good recipe, even from Cook's Illustrated.) This week we're doing Italian: some kind of yummy pasta recipe from one student, tomato and basil and mozzarella salad from the other, and TIRAMISU from me! Very exciting.

Anyway, the most important and interesting thing I have to post about is not even from me. It's from the Chairpeople, who just ran the Taroko Marathon in Taiwan. I can't really describe it myself; here is what the Chairman had to write about it:

"We completed the most beautiful marathon last Saturday, partly in the rain. The temperature was about 70-75F and cloudy/rainy. The course was in and out of the gorge with the elevation gain of 480 meters.

"I began to have some muscle cramp at about 15km. I asked [the Chairwoman] to go ahead at about 20km. I could not run for some time until I saw some medical team spray something on runners' legs. I asked for some and it helped. I was able to run for some time but cramp came back again. I asked for some more spray when I saw the medical team again. This time it was different kind which was better than the first kind. I was able to run most of the way. I saw [the Chairwoman] after she made the turn from the highest point of 530 m. I was about 4 km behind her. It was a good feeling when I made it to the top. At the first water station from the top, I got some cream to rub on my legs and it also helped. I began to pass some people on the way.

"I did stop to 'smell the roses' - to take pictures where the views were so spectacular. This course is hard but so beautiful.

"As I ran and walked toward the finish line, I saw some tour buses going up hill. They were to pick up the runners who could not complete the course in 6 hours. I decided that I would not let them take me to the finish line. I began to run and run. At one point for a long stretch, I was the only one runner on the road. I passed many young people who lost all the energy and may be waiting for the bus. I crossed the finish line at 6 hour and 35 minutes. [The Chairwoman] did it in 5 hours and 50 min. The time limit was 6 hours.

"She got a metal and I got an extra bottle of water. But we both had joyful and thankful hearts that we made it."

Isn't that just amazing? What amazing feats of strength and fortitude from the Chairpeople. I'm so proud of them.


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