Monday, October 23, 2006

Zoo babies

Unfortunately, it turns out that when GPG and I were at the Houston Zoo this past Saturday, GPG's old digital camera--the one I now have--decided to conk out on me. It's still currently broken, and I am not sure how to fix it.

But, luckily, GPG had his snazzy new SLR there and took lots of nice pictures of all the adorable baby animals at the zoo.

First, remember the baby giraffe from this past March??? Well, he's gotten bigger . . . and he also has a playmate!

The giraffe in the foreground is the baby from March. I am not sure when the other baby in the back was born, but it must have been soon after, because the two babies are almost the same size. They were both very cute. The older one in particular was quite frisky, kicking around and generally making a ruckus every now and then.

And, of course, there was the BABY ELEPHANT!

This is the best picture we could get, considering that it totally clouded over and he was somewhat far away. He has hay on his back because he would get down, lie on his side, and flop his legs around a bit, then get up again and follow his mom around. Very cute.

We didn't get a very good picture of him with his mom to show just how itty-bitty he is. This one below gives some perspective:

He barely comes up over her knee.

The picture also shows something he was often doing--he would rub two legs together a lot, both in the front and the back. I wondered if the mosquitoes that were eating me were also bothering him!

Lastly, we went to the orangutangs, where the oldest male was out there with the two youngest ones. One of them was very interested in hanging out with the older papa orangutang:

The other one had a lot of fun playing with a fluorescent pink plastic jack-o-lantern. We have some funny pictures of that one, too, but that'll have to get posted later. Now that GPG is again the only one with the digital camera, I have nothing to post until I see him again this coming weekend.

In the meantime . . . if you have a chance, go check out the Houston Zoo! GPG and I always see something new and interesting when we go. I'm definitely a big fan.


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