Thursday, November 02, 2006

Being a better blogger

Although GPG's Olympus camera died on me, I am still trying to hold myself to my resolution to be a better blogger and document my crafty/culinary adventures a little better. I told myself yesterday that even though I again have no digital camera, I can still write about what I'm up to until the next time I'm within range of one.

So, what am I really up to? (Besides battling off the last vestiges of a cold, that is?) I'm making . . .


A couple of other students and I have established the practice of getting together on Thursday evenings with homemade food (and, in my case, knitting) to watch Grey's Anatomy. This weekly get-together started innocuously with strawberries, vanilla ice cream, and caramel cookies. The next week, it evolved into banana bread and gingerbread with pumpkin-flavored ale. From there, it exploded into beef stew with mashed potatoes, corn muffins, and apple crisp; beef stroganoff with roasted carrots and peanut butter cookies; and wild rice and chicken casserole with Halloween-themed sugar cookies. Sounds delicious, no?

So tonight we're having a Mexican-themed meal. I'm making chicken enchiladas, thanks to America's Test Kitchen's The Best Light Recipe, and fresh guacamole, thanks to ATK's The Best Recipe. (The light recipe for guac is probably fine, but it sounded like too much work, what with pureeing frozen lima beans and such.) The others are making Mexican salad (with corn tortilla crisps!), some extravagant bananas Foster chimichanga flambe something or other dessert with cinnamon ice cream, and blender margaritas. How exciting!

And, while Grey's is actually on, I will be knitting on a scarf based on
this pattern. I have actually already knit two of these suckers, which provide good mindless knitting for school meetings and boring reading, but those are Christmas gifts for the Violinist and the Pianist, so no photos of those. The scarf that I'm currently knitting is supposed to be a thank you gift for someone who I'm pretty sure doesn't even know about this blog. So I will try to post pictures about that eventually.

I'll try to write about results from our enchilada/guacamole/margarita/chimichanga extravagana tomorrow!


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