Monday, October 30, 2006

Sinus gunk and poison ivy

GPG and I had a very nice weekend all planned out for this past weekend: sleeping in, going the zoo to see the baby elephant again, and watching Much Ado About Nothing
at the Alley Theatre. And, generally, it was a good weekend. Of course, it would probably have been better if I hadn't gotten sick, and he hadn't gotten poison ivy all over himself.

I was plagued with gunk (the proper medical term, I believe) in my sinuses all weekend long, and I still feel lingering sickness. I always forget how unpleasant it is when you're stuffed up in there. I think I'm getting better now, and I have a huge jug of orange juice to drink in my refrigerator, but it was awfully inconvenient to get sick on a nice weekend.

GPG must have brushed into some poison ivy at the zoo while he was taking pictures. He said he didn't immediately realize what it was because the rash that started emerging on his hands didn't behave like poison ivy. Just in case, though, we ended up stopping at home between dinner and the play at the Alley so he could wash himself with Tecnu, a special soap that washes out the oils in poison ivy. It was only the next morning, when his rash had gotten redder and had started blistering on his hand, that he realized that he really did have poison ivy and had done a pretty good job of spreading it all over himself. We both washed with Tecnu then. All over. From what he tells me, he's now pretty red all over.

I think that I didn't get any of the poison ivy from GPG, but that doesn't mean I didn't engage in a lot of psychosomatic itching yesterday. (It doesn't help that mosquitoes are rampant in both Houston and Austin.) And when I was getting ready for bed last night, I wondered if the poison ivy was starting to show itself: Was my leg itching? Were the backs of my hands getting red? Was I starting to get a rash on my foot? Ack!

Paranoid, I refused to rub lotion on myself after taking a shower last night, for fear that I might spread the poison ivy all over myself. And I wondered if you could get poison ivy in your eyes, since I had handled my contact lenses. I tried to fall asleep with the resolution that, if I indeed had poison ivy in the morning, I would head straight to the HEB and pick up some Tecnu.

Now it's the morning. No poison ivy. I feel somewhat foolish for all that paranoia yesterday. But I also feel somewhat relieved. Who wants to get poison ivy in your eyes???


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