Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy November!

And what better way to ring in November than with . . .

More baby elephant pictures!

GPG and I went to the zoo last Saturday to see the baby elephant again. Fortunately, it was sunnier, so the pictures are a little better. The elephant was a little shy at first, hanging around his mom and aunt a lot, but he did start to venture around on his own a bit. Here he is with his aunt:

He's so small he can walk between her legs!

And here he is, taking a rest from being so cute:

It's hard work being cute!

And here he is, walking a bit on his own. GPG thought it was interesting that he walks with both legs on one side in the air. I think he could fit in very well with the Beatles in that Abbey Road picture:

And the orangutangs were out as well:

I think this was the youngest orangutang, Luna. She had a lot of fun playing with that yellow blanket!

After the zoo, we checked out an installation art exhibit at the Rice University Art Gallery. It was interesting, but it's hard to explain what it was. Two disciples of the architect Frank Gehry created the exhibit, called Rip Curl, and it consisted of thousands and thousands of sheets of cardboard, assembled on a wood frame, to create a really interesting topography:

You could go climbing around on the exhibit as long as you stayed within the boundaries marked by these little flags stuck into the terrain:

It was really neat. Unfortunately, it was hard to capture the entire exhibit in a single picture to convey exactly what it was like to go climbing around on it. And, even more unfortunately, the exhibit has gotten taken down, so you can't go see it yourself anymore. I feel lucky that we got to see it before the exhibition closed.

That's it for now. I have to go to class and I have to recover from this cold, which seemed to get better from the weekend but which has now settled into my chest. Bleah.


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