Monday, July 07, 2008

Child's First Socks, Redux

We interrupt our regularly scheduled spinning blogging for a quick message from our sponsor, Current Knitting!

Look, our cuffs actually match this time.

That's right, folks, I actually have some current knitting to blog about! (Wait--did you just hear that? That was the sound of the earth turning backwards on its axis for a split second. You experienced it first here on Seedless Grape!)

I'm in the midst of a knitting frenzy to try and knit up some gifts for my various co-workers, whom I'm leaving in exactly one month when my current clerkship ends. This is the first effort, a pair of Child's First Socks from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks for one of my co-clerks. The yarn is Dream in Color's Smooshy sock yarn in the Wisterious colorway.

Hello, look how wisterious we are.

This was the first time I'd knit with Dream in Color, and I lurrrrve it and want some more. It's nicely spun and I love, love, love the "veil-dyed" semisolid effect. No striping, no pooling, just lovely shifts of color all in the same color family. It's really beautiful, and I love how it turned out for these socks.

This is the second pair of Child's First Socks that I've made. It's rare that I reknit sock patterns (that is, if I'm not just knitting a straight stockinette or a ribbed deal, which doesn't really count), but the Child's First Socks is such an easy pattern with elegant results that I decided to knit it again. (I'll admit that it helps to knit something I'm familiar with when I'm aiming for speed. ) The only modification I made (besides tweaking the number of repeats to get the appropriate size) was to sub in a short-row heel. My co-clerk has very narrow heels, so I hope that the short-row heel will fit better than the regular heel flap that the pattern calls for.

Pattern: Child's First Socks
Needles: 2 US1 Addi Turbo circulars
Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn, "Wisterious"
Recipient: The Rules Clerk
Mods: Fewer repeats; short-row heel


Blogger maritza said...

Those are beautiful! The colorway is just perfect!

7/07/2008 11:12 AM  
Blogger twellve said...

wow. those turned out amazing! nice job, you.

btw, do you happen to know of any good cowl patterns? my friend's birthday is in august...

7/07/2008 12:17 PM  
Anonymous jascha said...

this reminds me of that mermaid dress a French actress wore a few years ago at the Academy Awards..!

5/02/2010 8:51 PM  

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