Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sweet as Pie

The (blogging about) spinning kick continues! I was lucky to snag some of Adrian's "regular" fiber during her most recent shop update at Hello Yarn. This is four ounces of Finn wool in the colorway "Sweet as Pie" (photo of fiber here, again courtesy of Adrian).

The white tag attached to the roving is the backside of an index card on which I recorded the yardage, the kind of wool, and the colorway. I finally started noting all this information on tags and attaching the tags to the finished yarn because this yarn was a birthday gift to the Aspiring Ecologist (who is now ABD, by the way, woot!) and I wanted her to know what she was getting. Of course, bad blogger that I am, I don't remember any of the pertinent facts (namely, the yardage) myself. Again, it's sort of a DK/sport-ish weight, over 200 yards. That's about as much as I remember. (Sorry!)

This was the first time that I actually consciously examined the roving and the color repeats and tried to spin the fiber to achieve a desired result. (Usually, I just split the roving in half, tear off strips, and have at it, willy-nilly.) I wanted to try and maintain a proper barberpole--i.e., no sections where the two plies were the same color--so I noted the color repeats and tried to arrange the order in which I spun the strips of roving to avoid two colors overlapping when plying the two singles together. This was successful for the most part, but there were still a few places where the colors in the plies pooled together.

Again, I can't say enough good things about Adrian's fiber. Her sense of color always amazes me. I love trying new wools and new color combinations with her fiber. For someone with a pretty boring job and a mundane sort of life, spinning things from Hello Yarn always feels like an adventure. I love it!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am starting to see why you really love the Hello Yarn fibers. I have not seen that store with anything but solid colors in ages and had stopped looking. I think I might like to join that fiber club for a while. (If we talk when you notice the shop update, remind me.)

The Spunky Eclectic club was definitely inspiring compared to doing nothing, but I hate pinks and reds. The only times there were proper cool colors, the fibers were the kinds you might use for making a felted cat litter box.

Your spinning comes out nice and even. I have never tried to get a consistent barberpole effect, but from the picture, it looks like you did a good job.

I have a trick for photographing the yarn... write out the tags, attach them, and get a snap of the yarn with the label. You might not be able to read it without zooming in, but at least you will have it.

Your pictures always come out better than mine though, so maybe I spend too much time focused on the label.

7/01/2008 6:23 PM  
Anonymous caitlyn said...

Beautiful yarn!
I think you are an expert spinning now, Esther. :)

7/02/2008 10:25 PM  
Blogger twellve said...

your yarn turned out GORGEOUS! really envious. well done :)

7/03/2008 12:43 PM  

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