Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Southwestern Easter Egg

Currently on the needles: Socks That Rock, "Torridon."

I picked out this yarn for the next pair of socks because I knew I needed to dive in head-first and start using up the sock stash. As I've said before, sometimes I don't want to knit with yarn because it's so beautiful! But I know that I need to get over that reluctance, because what's the point of buying yarn if you don't knit with it?

So I picked out this STR yarn, "Torridon," mostly because the colors were somewhat Eastery and I thought they might be good Easter-type socks. (Of course, I'm seven years old, so associating a word very close to "Torrid" with "Easter" cracks me up.) Knitting up the yarn really makes me marvel at the color genius of those fine ladies at Blue Moon Fiber Arts. The colors are beautiful--mustard yellow, deep lavender, sky blue, terra cotta red-brown, and shades in between all these colors--but I never would have put them together and thought, "That'd be a great colorway!"

The yarn is knitting up differently from how it appears in the skein, though. I can't quite explain it, but I guess my initial impression of the yarn in the skein was "Blue-Yellow-Purple." At least, those are the colors I remembered most. But knitting up the yarn, I see that the terra-cotta color and some brown sections predominate with the mustard yellow a lot more than I originally thought they would. It makes me think of the Southwest, for some reason, although I've never really visited the iconic Southwest (like Santa Fe) and wouldn't really know. I guess it's' the terra cotta. Anyway, when I was describing the yarn to GPG, I said it was like a "Southwestern Easter egg."

This picture may give you a better idea of how the colors are playing out:

I've actually made a fair amount of progress since I took these photos on . . . Monday, I think. I'm knitting plain stockinette socks to show off the colors better, so progress is quick. I should have some finished socks by next week, at the latest.

Heh. "Torrid." "Easter." I'm seven.


Blogger caitlyn said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous colors!
Why is it that I am always tempted to buy sock yarn after I look at your blog? =)

3/01/2007 2:40 PM  

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