Friday, February 23, 2007

Eye Candy Friday: Weimar

GPG picked out this week's Eye Candy Friday photo. It's a picture I took in Weimar last month, but I'm afraid I can't give much more detail than that. There are a lot of older buildings in the town that used to belong to wealthy nobility or powerful civil servants, so this is probably one of them.

This will be one of the last photos from Germany, I promise. For one thing, I'm running out of good pictures. For another, in about three or four weeks I'll be able to post photos from . . . JAPAN!

Yes, I am finally going to visit the Chairpeople in Japan. I surprised myself with how quickly I made the decision to buy the ticket and go, but I was somewhat impelled by the fact that the Chairpeople recently determined that they probably won't be there past the end of this year. And all things being equal, my spring break is the best time for me to visit, weather-wise, time-wise, bar-exam-wise, and starting-work-this-fall-wise.

So in about two weeks, I will take the MPRE (the professional responsibility exam that you have to take to become a for-reals lawyer), then board a plane the next day to go see the Chairpeople in Kyoto. GPG is coming, too, and we're pretty excited about it. We bought a great guidebook and I've been reading about all the beautiful things there are to see. In addition to its many temples and historical sights, Kyoto is famous for all its beautiful handicrafts. Just the sort of thing to appeal to a knitter/crafter/retired history student.

But, in the meantime, I have to buckle down to take this exam. It would be a pain to have to take it twice. So I'll be hitting the books pretty hard over the next two weeks. The Model Rules and I will be best buds by the time March 10 rolls around.

Have a great weekend!


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