Monday, February 26, 2007

Fern socks!

Socks can get knit up pretty quickly if 1) You use reasonably sized yarn; and 2) You are a second-semester 3L who isn't doing any real schoolwork. When finals roll around, I will probably regret slacking off on my class reading so much this semester, but in the meantime I am enjoying my knitting and getting FOs done more quickly than ever during my whole law school career.

FOs such as . . .

The Fern socks!

It certainly helps that I'm currently studying for the MPRE by reading through the professional responsibility rules. This gives me lots of knitting time while I'm actually doing something that will ostensibly aid me in both law school (I'm taking a class on the subject now) and in my legal career (the exam is in two weeks). I will always remember the Fern socks as my MPRE socks.

Pattern: My own. Just a standard ribbed pattern of K1P1 rib at the cuff and K4P2 rib after that.
Yarn: The Farn ("Fern") colorway from Wollmeise
Needles: Addi Turbos, US 1, two circulars (24", 16")
Recipient: Maybe the Chairwoman, for her birthday in May (I'm planning ahead!)

I have to say that I was bit reckless with these socks. I have a scale; I should have weighed out the yarn I had leftover from the Aspiring Ecologist's ankle socks, split it in two, and done toe-up socks to make sure I had enough yarn for the size I wanted. But I decided to live life on the edge (such as it is), and I cast-on with nary a care for yardage. I lucked out and finished the socks with no more than a few yards left. Yee haw!

In fact, I'm feeling so cocky from my gamble with my remaining Fern yarn that I'm taking the same gamble with the newest socks to grace the needles: I'm FINALLY using some of the STR in the stash for a nice pair of plain stockinette socks. (I thought stockinette would best show off the beautiful colors.) The rational side of me says this is stupid; the rational side of me predicts I will run out of yarn; the rational side of me threatens to gloat when this happens. If I were a yarn yardage lawyer, I would never recommend trying to replicate the same yardage derring-do.

But, I am not a yarn yardage lawyer, and you only live once. So cuff-down socks it is. Pictures to come soon as MPRE studying progresses.


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