Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ankle socks


I ended up sending some presents late (read: after Christmas), so I've held these pictures back to ensure that the recipients get the gifts before I reveal them. Ironically, part of the reason why I sent these socks so belatedly was because I only got around to taking pictures of them in the evening on Dec. 23. Then I washed them to clean them before sending them off, and it was so damp in Houston over the holidays that it took them a full 24 hours to dry! So I had to wait until Dec. 26 to put them in the mail.

Pattern: Ankle socks, 52 sts in circumference. A variation on Alison's ankle socks from the blue blog.
Yarn: Part of one skein of "Koralle im Meer" ("Coral in the sea") sock yarn from Wollmeise
Needles: Addi Turbos, US2 (socks on 2 circulars)
Recipient: The Anesthesiologist in San Diego, CA

When I first started knitting these socks up, I was afraid the blue and orange would be a little too New York Mets. But there's a really beautiful aqua color thrown in, and at any rate, I think the colors are bright enough and saturated enough that no one would really mistake these for Mets socks. The Anesthesiologist is originally from Hawaii, and she now lives in San Diego, so I've always associated her with beaches, sunshine, and tropical locales. This lovely German "Koralle im Meer" yarn seemed right for her.

I also made some ankle socks for the Aspiring Ecologist. I've only made her full socks up until now. Strangely enough, the third year of law school is supposed to be the easiest, but it made for the most last-minute Christmas knitting.

Pattern: Ankle socks, 64 sts in circumference.
Yarn: Part of one skein of "Farn" ("Fern") sock yarn from Wollmeise
Needles: Addi Turbos, US1 (socks on 2 circulars). I made these socks a little earlier on in the game, so I had the luxury of using smaller needles and casting on more stitches.
Recipient: The Aspiring Ecologist

I think that the AE actually likes blue, but I can't help sending her green things because, well, she's an aspiring ecologist. She spends lots of time with green things.

Doesn't the short-row heel look totally cool with those greens?

Again, the colorways from Wollmeise are just beautiful. I really recommend looking her up; her prices are very reasonable for the kind of yardage you get, even throwing in overseas shipping. I have a lot more yarn from her and hope to make some more beautiful things out of it next year.


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Both pairs of ankle socks look wonderful! I really like the colors!

12/25/2006 9:39 PM  

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