Sunday, October 30, 2005

Now that you mention it, gee, thanks.

GPG and I have an annual habit of forgetting Daylight Savings Time in the fall. This not only means that we lose out on getting an extra hour of sleep; it also means that we're usually an hour early to things on the Sunday morning after the clocks change and we're short on sleep and cranky. This year was no exception.

But I know exactly why we always forget: we have no notice. That sounds like a lame excuse, but really: I listened to the radio on Friday and Saturday, I checked the news on the Internet (both Reuters and CNN), and I even read part of the newspaper on Saturday morning, which is a little unusual for me. NOTHING said ANYTHING about Daylight Savings Time. The first instance I heard anyone mention anything about it was this morning, after it was way too late--after GPG had already left, an hour early, to go to an Evolution driving school (for autocross), and I was already on my way back to Austin. Why all this mention of DST now, when it's too late? Where was all the radio chatter about DST on Friday and Saturday?!?!?

Now, for me, it's not such a bad thing, because that means that I am at school a little earlier to get a little more work done (or to do a little more procrastinating). But, still . . . I would rather have had that extra hour of sleep.


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