Saturday, September 24, 2005


Well, for those people living in Houston and Austin, Hurricane Rita has thankfully turned out to be something of a non-event. The evacuation, of course, is another story, but I'll admit that I'm (selfishly) relieved that the impact on Houston was relatively light.

I was definitely concerned when it took the Chairwoman 10 hours to evacuate up to my place on Wednesday-Thursday. She arrived at 3 in the morning on Thursday, and it was an awful night for both of us. But she actually left for Houston early this morning, taking off at 6 am, and cruised back in an easy 3 hours. (She had the presence of mind to leave super early before the roads clogged up with people going back to Houston.) I'm grateful that she didn't have a repeat 10-hour trip to get home.

I can only hope that the rest of the people displaced by the storm--especially those from the areas where Rita actually hit--will be able to make it back as safely as the Chairwoman did.

Be safe.


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