Monday, September 19, 2005

Back to the grind

After a nice, relaxing weekend with GPG, it's back to the grind of interviews. Unfortunately, this week will be potentially grueling with at least 2 interviews every day for me. I say "potentially" because it's not the interviews that are really killer; it's the receptions and functions that firms have at night. Right now, the reception schedule looks fairly light . . . but I suspect that's mostly because firms that are interviewing here this week haven't sent out their reception invitations and will probably spring them on interviewees at the time of the interview.

But, I had a good weekend, trying several new things here in Austin. Here's a quick run-down:

Teo Gelato: The express bus always drives by Teo on 38th on the way to school, so I've always wanted to try it. GPG and I finally made it over on Saturday and had two flavors each: he had pineapple and lemon, and I had strawberry and mango. It was certainly a nice treat, especially considering that it was so hot outside, but I don't think it's worth a special trip. It's a bit pricier than regular ice cream, but not proportionately more wonderful. If you decide to go, here are our thoughts on the flavors: I thought that the strawberry was okay, if a bit melty; the mango was definitely mango-y and quite tasty. GPG thought the pineapple was good and the lemon a little less so.

Grupo Fantasma: After living in Austin for a year, I finally got out to listen to some live music. GPG and I went to see Grupo Fantasma at the Nutty Brown Cafe out on 290 W and had a pretty good time. GF plays lively Latin music (their listing on the KUT calendar described their music as a Latin/Afro/Cuban/funk sort of mix) to which you could dance the rumba, salsa, or any other Latin sort of step. There were plenty of people dancing and having a lot of fun. Since GPG is not big on dancing, we just sat and listened and enjoined the relatively nice night, which was a pleasant surprise after the heat of the day. If you have a chance to check GF out, I'd recommend them. Bring your dancing shoes.

Pedernales State Park: Also out on 290 W, Pedernales State Park is probably a great place to bring kids or dogs. Since GPG and I have neither, we were a little unimpressed with PSP, especially after visiting majestic national parks like Yosemite and Sequoia earlier this summer. PSP is fairly small and nowhere nearly as interesting, and the river is pretty shallow (never more than waist deep on me). Still, it was nice to take a dip in the river after trekking around in the heat. Worth a trip, but only one.

That's the weekend rundown. Hope you all had a good one.


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