Friday, August 26, 2005


Last night, GPG and I went to Rickshaw, on Westheimer between Buffalo Spdwy and Kirby, for one last dinner on Big Firm's nickel. We had never been there before, so when I got an invitation from a Big Firm attorney, I said yes for both of us. The verdict? Decent but overpriced sushi and entirely TOO LOUD a restaurant to have a really good meal.

The restaurant was very busy while we were there, so obviously, some people were big Rickshaw fans. Supposedly, people like the clubby kind of atmosphere (which basically entails dimmed lights, lots of mixed drinks, and loud 80s music, at least on Thursday nights). I can see how some people would enjoy eating in such a place; there were lots of "beautiful" people running around in trendy clothes with lots of hair product and make-up. But I wasn't very enthusiastic about the meal when I had to yell into my neighbor's ear so she could hear me. I think that there are separate clubs where people go dancing for a reason. You don't want to deafen yourself or shout yourself hoarse while you're trying to eat and have a good meal with your friends. Save that for the real clubs and bars, please.

And, on top of that, the sushi really didn't measure up to the price. The rolls, in particular, were very disappointing; you can go to Oishii on Richmond and Timmons and get much better rolls for a quarter of the price. Similarly, although the actual sushi fish itself was very nice at Rickshaw, you could go either to Oishii and get almost the same quality fish for half the price, or to Teppay at Westheimer and Voss and get much better sushi for about the same price.

I'd also add that you should probably beware of the desserts that include ice cream, because the ice cream (usually vanilla or coconut) seems to be flavored a little strangely (at least, that was the verdict among people at our table). Sort of perfume-y. (Perfume-flavored desserts must be the new trend.) However, Rickshaw does provide sorbet flavors (as well as ice cream) that you can order separately, and the sorbets were very good. I'd recommend their mango flavor.

The non-sushi food that some people at our table got was generally much tastier and probably more reasonably priced, although I honestly didn't check the non-sushi prices. If you're on your way to Rickshaw in the near future, I'd recommend ordering off the regular menu, rather than the sushi menu. I suspect that Rickshaw provides sushi because it's a good way, like mixed drinks, to make money off "beautiful" people who want to be trendy and hip by eating and drinking (expensive) trendy and hip things. As a result, sushi probably isn't really the best offering on the menu.

And, if you're not into the club scene, I'd recommend going on a day other than Thursday, Friday, or Saturday.


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