Monday, August 22, 2005

All filled in; and updates

Ugh. I went to the dentist today to get fillings, and it was altogether a disagreeable experience. Although I have a great dentist who does a good job, who really enoys getting fillings? No one, that's who. I got numbed up enough that I couldn't feel half my tongue and the side of my face for several hours, but not so numbed up that I couldn't feel the drill whirring away at my teeth. Bleah! It wasn't really painful, per se, but it was definitely unpleasant enough to remind me that it could have been excruciating without any local anesthesia. And, on top of that, the dentist was running behind schedule, so that it took an hour and forty minutes to do what should have taken an hour. Double bleah!

Anyway, here are some quick updates of things that have happened recently that I haven't had the presence of mind to blog about:

1. Princess Mononoke. GPG and I are currently seeking out Miyazaki films now that we've seen Spirited Away, Castle in the Sky, and Kiki's Delivery Service. We rented Princess Mononoke last week and were a little disappointed. All of Miyazaki's films are definitely a cut above Disney films, or any other animated film (except maybe for Pixar's), but we definitely didn't enjoy Princess Mononoke as much as Spirited Away. Anyone who is interested in seeing Miyazaki films for the first time should definitely save Spirited Away for last, so as not to set yourself up for a little bit of disappointment when you see his other films. It's not that any of the other films are bad; rather, they're actually really well done, with nice animation and great stories that aren't sugar-coated, like Disney stories. But we haven't seen anything that really compares to Spirited Away yet.

2. Niko Niko's. GPG and I tried out this restaurant on Montrose on Saturday night. We'd heard good things about it, but frankly, we were disappointed. Perhaps we didn't order the right thing--we both got chicken dishes--but I looked at what different people were eating in the restaurant, and it didn't seem like they were all eating the same must-eat dish. The only thing that we thought was decent was the enormous salad that came with each entree (and even then, the salad from Cafe Lili was much better). The only thing that we thought was good was the pita bread, which was warm and seasoned with something yummy. The rest was very so-so. I ordered some kind of roast chicken, which came out very greasy; GPG ordered some kind of parmesan-covered chicken, which he said was greasy and old (as in, not very good meat). We won't try the place again unless someone recommends something specific as utterly spectacular.

3. Glitttens. The glittens are almost done! I only have to weave in the ends of one of the glittens before they're done. I am planning to post pictures of them, and of the socks I finished a while back, some time this week.


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