Thursday, August 11, 2005

How do you say "Chairman" in Japanese?

"Chairman san."

It sounds like the Chairman is starting to get settled in over there in Japan. That's great!

Over here, your Seedless Grape has been nothing but a bundle of trouble. First, as you know, yesterday I forgot my work shoes at home. Then, on my way home from work, I forgot my wallet on my desk at the office. That meant no bus pass (although the bus driver let me on because he knows I'm a regular, thank goodness and bless him to high heaven) and no driver's license. Which meant that I had to bring my passport to the courthouse this morning because I have to show government-issued ID to get in through security! What a headache. And I missed the bus this morning, so GPG had to take me to work. Again. Arg!

But, the Internet finally got fixed at GPG's, so over the weekend I should be able to put up some pictures from my California trip.


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