Friday, August 05, 2005

The Chairman has landed

I got a call from the Chairwoman (actually, several) and it sounds like she and the Chairman are safe and sound in Japan. They have even moved into their apartment, and it sounds like it's a pretty nice place. I hope they're having fun over there!

In other news, BF1/BF2 lost yesterday to SBF. It was a pity. We were ahead at the half, but then in the second half they pulled ahead and we couldn't catch up in time. Sigh. I don't mind so care so much about losing, per se, except that in this particular circumstance, it means that there is no more flag football this summer. And that is the major bummer.

I also finished up the socks, but no pictures yet. I cast on for a new pair of gloves--or, to be more accurate, "glittens." I'm hoping to modify the pattern to have fingerless gloves that convert into a mitten. The gloves-as-mittens will help keep my hands warm while I'm waiting for the bus in the fall and winter, but then I can also turn them into fingerless gloves and knit on the bus!


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