Thursday, August 04, 2005

Get your game face on

This summer I am playing on the team usually known as Big Firm 1/Big Firm 2 in the Houston Young Lawyers' Association (HYLA) flag football league. Tonight we're playing Slightly Smaller Big Firm in the second round of the playoffs. (Because BF1/BF2 was seeded first, we got a bye for the first round, which is also taking place tonight.) Apparently there have been various machinations regarding the rankings of the teams in the league and the way the playoff brackets have been set up, so we really shouldn't be playing SSBF at all. And I rather wish we weren't, because we just played them last week, so they know all our plays. But, oh well . . . we've just got to go out and win, regardless! Gooooo BF1/BF2!!!

In other news, I am almost done with a pair of socks I have been knitting in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, colorway = Seaside. All I have left is to graft the toe of the second sock with Kitchener Stitch. I'll try to post pictures once I'm done and grab a hold of a digital camera. Perhaps I shouldn't post pictures, because they're really supposed to be a Christmas gift for a friend of mine, but . . . she doesn't know about this blog yet. I guess a wee picture won't spoil things.

Turning to the subject of the previous post, I hope that the Chairman and Chairwoman both got to Japan safely. Both of their planes were delayed! I am not sure why the Chairwoman's flight from Taiwan was delayed, but the Chairman called me from Detroit and he said that he'd been sitting in the plane for two hours. The plane had gotten in line to take off, but then it had to return to the gate because someone sitting right in front of the Chairman started causing a ruckus. They had airport security take the man off the airplane with his daughter! And then, since the delay with the rowdy guy had taken such a long time, the plane had to refuel a bit. Of course, while they were refueling, they discovered technical difficulties.

What a headache. I hope that they both got there safe and sound. Presumably I'll hear from them when they get a hold of a phone or an Internet connection.