Monday, August 08, 2005

The Judge is IN

Sorry for the weekend hiatus. The Internet is on the fritz in GPG's apartment, so there was no posting over the weekend. It's amazing how inconvenient life has become without the Internet! For example, there was a birthday party on Friday for one of the people I used to work with. The party organizer sent out invitations through Evite that had the date, time, and location. Because I'm so used to having the Internet at home, I didn't think to write down the time and place and directions on how to get there. Usually I can just look that kind of thing up in a flash. But I was in a bind on Friday because I didn't know where to go or when to get there. I ended up getting the info from another guest and showed up over an hour late!

Same thing happened when GPG and I wanted to go see March of the Penguins. Usually, we'd look up the showtimes on the Internet and just drive over to the movie theater at the appropriate time. But yesterday, we had to drive by the movie theater to check in person!

March of the Penguins was all right. It was a nice enough film with great cinematography, but I was a little disappointed by the "documentary" aspect of it. I thought it wasn't informative or educational enough. I had all kinds of questions afterwards about the penguin reproductive process--how many eggs survive into chicks, how many chicks make it back to mate when they're grown, what the rate of attrition is on the penguin's march to the mating grounds, etc. The film didn't answer of any of these. It was really more just a narrative of "this is what penguins have to do to reproduce in such a harsh environment." Which was a fine enough movie, with lots of impressive footage and cute penguin chicks, but I was hoping to learn a lot more from it. I guess my expectations were too high for something released in a mainstream market by Warner Brothers.

Anyway, the Judge is IN today, finally, after 3 weeks, so the pace should pick up at work. I hope I get to see some interesting stuff!


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