Saturday, October 08, 2005

The socks, they are still gone.

I'm in Houston for the weekend, and by this point I had hoped to have pictures of finished Retro Rib socks to share with you. Unfortunately, those socks (and the bag and the wallet) are definitely gone, and as a result I have no pictures to share with you, despite having access to GPG's lovely digital camera.

And, as luck would have it, I don't have any knitting worth showing, anyway. Somewhere between Houston and Austin I lost one of the DPNs I was using to knit a new pair of socks, this time in Shepherd Sport. (After losing the Retro Ribs, I decided I needed some quicker gratification: plain stockinette socks with sport-weight yarn.) I lost it because the substitute bag I'm using to tote around my things has an open top, and the needle must have fallen out somewhere. I hope that it's in my apartment in Austin and that I never left home with it in the first place, because I can't find it in my car. And I already have to buy replacement DPNs for the ones I lost with the Retro Ribs. I don't want to have to buy another set of DPNs just because I lost one of my size 4 set!

I'm in Houston because I had my first callback interview with a Houston firm on Friday. The callback went fine, and now I have an offer safely in my pocket, which I'm pleased about. I won't deny that I'm pretty happy about going into the rest of my callbacks with a fallback position already in place.

I also won't deny that I like being able to visit GPG and the Chairwoman on someone else's nickel. Nice that firms will reimburse your travel expenses, you know?


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