Friday, October 07, 2005

The socks, they are gone.

Sorry for not writing much lately. First, I was sick for a few days and feeling pretty gross. Then . . . I lost a satchel I carry around that holds my knitting and personal things, including my wallet. I was so upset about losing my things that I couldn't bring myself to write about the loss for a while. I've only now moved on and had the time to write about what happened.

I know it sounds pretty silly, being so devastated over losing something, but I was really terribly unhappy after I realized that I had lost this bag. I think that knitters will be able to empathize the most, because you know what? I had my Retro Rib socks in that bag and all I had left to finish on the second sock was the toe. I had planned to finish the second sock up that very same day and the pair of socks would have been finished, done, ready to give away! And now no one will ever see them or know them or use them or love them, after probably a month of work. It still upsets me.

I had been in the law library to pick up some print-outs at the copy center, and I stopped for just a few minute to use one of the general computers they have at the library. After that, I headed down to class, but stopped in the bathroom first. It was there in the bathroom that I realized I didn't have my bag, so I hurried back to the library to pick it up before class started. And it was gone. I checked all around the areas where I had been, and checked with both lost and founds in the library, but couldn't find it. Arg! I held out hope that I would be able to find it after class, but no such luck. That afternoon I called up my bank and credit companies and canceled all my plastic. The next morning I even walked through most of the library, looking for the bag, and I checked with all the L&Fs in the library and the school. It looks like it's gone for good.

Losing the wallet and the bag have definitely been annoying. The bag was the perfect size to hold my lunch and knitting. I had had the wallet for nine years, since I was a junior in high school. I will never find a bag or wallet as suited to me as those, and of course I had to shell out for a new driver's license, student ID, etc. And I've had to pay close attention to my cash reserve this week while I've been waiting for my new credit cards and debit card to arrive in the mail.

But the most devastating thing was losing the knitting. I'm so sad about it. I've started working on new projects (or revisited old ones), but I miss those socks. I was so close to finishing them! But they're gone now.

Oh, well. You live and learn. I guess I have to lose my wallet once in my life, right? Happens to everyone.

(But did I have to lose it with the knitting?!?!?)


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