Monday, September 26, 2005

Leg-shakers of the world: Cease and Desist

As luck would have it, I sit next to a leg-shaker in two of my classes. What is a leg-shaker? Exactly what their name implies: A fidgety person who shakers their leg up and down, up and down, without end. You know you've encountered them before.

In my instance, the lovely revamped classrooms at UT have seats that are attached to each other in pairs, and each pair is attached to the desks. That means that leg-shakers not only shake their legs, but they also shake their chair, the chair over, and the table. And me, and my laptop, and my books, and my water bottle. It is SUPREMELY ANNOYING.

SO STOP. Especially you, in my Secured Credit class, who SHAKES BOTH LEGS.


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