Sunday, October 16, 2005

L.A., here I am

Well, here I am in sunny L.A., enjoying the weekend and a temporary break from being "on" for callback interviews. I say "temporary" because I'm due for a brunch with some attorneys at 11 this morning and the on, it must turn on once more. I have to admit that the "on" status has been pretty wearing on me, especially during those interviews with people that turn out to be less-than-interesting for a variety of persons: the interviewer is kind of bland; you end up hearing the same song-and-dance as you've heard before (most often from another firm, not even from another attorney at the same firm!); the interviewer tells you to ask questions about the firm and you have to figure out what you haven't already asked (in the process confusing those questions you've already asked other people at the firm and those questions you asked at other firms); etc.

Still, I'm happy to report that I have a pretty good success rate so far, with 3 out of 4 firms making offers. I'm happy about it, but have no idea how I'm going to decide where to go. Right now I like two firms in particular the most, but I still have 3 more interviews coming up next week. It'll be difficult to make a decision.

Of course, that's a rich man's problem, so I won't complain about it. Instead, I'll tell you about the weekend I've had so far. Yesterday I rented a car and drove to Pasadena to visit the original Trader Joe's. I probably should have used a basket to carry my selections so that I could impress upon myself the weight of what I wanted to buy. But instead I used a cart, and now that I've carried the bags with my purchases a few times, I'm rather dreading the trip back to Austin with all this stuff!

After Trader Joe's, I went to the Huntington Library and Garden, which was very neat. There are a ton of interesting things to see on the grounds, and I had to zip through a lot because the day was wearing on and I was getting hungry after several hours of wandering through the gardens and the collections. The botanical gardens are really interesting, with lots of different plant species, and I was lucky enough to arrive in time for a tour with a docent, who explained a lot of things that I probably wouldn't have appreciated if I had gone through myself. After the tour, which lasted almost 2 hours, I took drive-by look at the museum and library collections, which were as impressive as the gardens. The library has first-edition prints of some of Shakespeare's plays, Leviathan, Paradise Lost, Dr. Faustus, etc. As in, the first time these works of literature were printed and bound in books, ever. As in, these volumes are hundreds of years old. It was pretty darn cool! I'll have to go back and devote some more time to looking at the collections themselves, since I really zipped through there after the garden walking tour.

After finally leaving the Huntington, I grabbed some late lunch and headed over to the Knit Cafe, which was great. I didn't buy any yarn (I showed great restraint, especially after my encounter with Trader Joe's!), but I did buy a pattern book (no. 8) for Rowan's new Cashsoft Aran. It's not like I should ever get around to buying yarn for these projects, considering that I should work through my stash first and that I don't have the money to spare on Rowan yarn right now, but I figured I could buy the book to commemorate my Knit Cafe visit and to drool over the beautiful patterns. When I get access to GPG's computer and his digital picture software, I will show you the things I especially covet.

Unfortunately, since I spent so much time at the Huntington, I was only at Knit Cafe for about an hour and 45 minutes, which flew by like nothing, before they closed. It was great sitting there knitting with such fun people. If I'm out here during the summer, I will definitely be there on the weekends!

After KC closed, I headed down to Santa Monica to have a Fatburger (can't leave L.A. without having a Fatburger!) and wandered around the 3d Street Promenade a bit. But I came back to the hotel pretty early because I was completely pooped.

Today I'll head off to brunch with the attorneys and, hopefully, the Getty. Pictures will come next weekend, I promise!


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