Tuesday, October 11, 2005

L.A., here I come

I didn't mention it earlier, but my callback interviews have begun. My first interview was in Houston last Friday, and I hope it was an auspicious start to my callback whirlwind because it went very well. Tomorrow starts the real work; I will fly to L.A. in the evening and have back-to-back interviews from Thursday morning until Tuesday afternoon the following week (minus, of course, the weekend). I really hope I manage to swing at least one good offer out of the trip so that I don't have to worry about my summer next year anymore.

Although I am missing a fair amount of class (two meetings for each course, except for my Federal Income Tax class, of which I am missing three meetings), I am still looking forward to the trip. I'm especially looking forward to the weekend; I've reserved a rental car over the weekend (out of my own pocket--that's a story for another time) and have big plans for seeing the city. I hope to visit Santa Monica so I can walk up and down the beach; Pasadena so I can visit the original Trader Joe's and stock up on goodies; the Getty Museum so I can see what the big fuss is all about with this museum; and the Knit Cafe, where I hope to run into Mind of Winter Julia and perhaps add to the yarn stash.

(On the other hand, I hope to exercise sufficient restraint so as not to run myself into the poorhouse, especially when surrounded by temptation at the Knit Cafe.)

And, GPG has kindly lent me his digital camera, so I'll be able to document the trip and show you pictures when I get back. To Houston. For another callback (the last one of the whirlwind).

Next post from L.A.!


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