Friday, August 03, 2007

Eye Candy Friday: Living Proof

I guess my resolution to blog more didn't take into account the fact that I'm leaving town to visit my brother and family in Alabama for the weekend.

At any rate, I have for Eye Candy Friday living proof that I did in fact take the bar exam in California last week:

Some of the other test-takers were mighty funny-looking . . .

Just kidding! My partner-in-arms and I actually went to Disneyland the day after the bar, and luckily enough, we happened upon Mickey in a remote area of the California Adventure theme park.

(I wonder if Disney isn't putting out as many characters in costume because of the heat. I would imagine it gets pretty hot under the mask and all the layers.)

Disney was fun, and we managed to ride all the "fun" rides that I think are the only ones worth standing in line for: the roller coasters. So we rode California Screamin', the Matterhorn, and Space Mountain. (I know there's some other roller coaster-ish ride that involves water, but we didn't ride that because we didn't want to get wet.) I'm not a Disney fanatic, by any means, and I'm usually more disturbed by the glossy, over-packaged quality of the Disney parks than I am excited about being in the happiest place on earth. But it was just the thing we needed after the bar, and I concede that there are genuinely happiness-inducing things in Disneyland.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!


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