Monday, May 28, 2007

The Start of a New Stash

Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

I'm still recovering a bit from jetlag and sorting through the pictures I took on my trip. I also just started Barbri, the prep course for the bar exam, this afternoon. As a result, I haven't had much opportunity to prepare pictures for posts.

But, I did manage to take two very important pictures in the small window of sunlight we had this morning: the start of the new stash! The fabric stash, that is.

I was very good in Japan and Taiwan and bought no new yarn. I didn't even go back to the Nishijin textile center in Japan, because I knew I'd be sorely tempted to buy some. Instead, I went to Nomura Tailor, which a reputable source tells me is one of the most famous Kyoto fabric retailers. Inspired by knitters sewing up a storm, I went in to take a look and ended up buying a large haul of fabric.

Above are the thinner fabrics I picked out. The left-most fabric is orange and yellow strawberries, which I thought was cute, and the second from the left is little umbrellas with teeny-tiny droplets of rain. I got a meter of everything except for the umbrellas, which are a half-meter (because I was running out of money!).

Although I spent practically all the money I had, the prices were actually quite reasonable, in my opinion. I've seen fabrics for anywhere from $9-$16 per yard at places like Purl and Repro Depot, so I was pleased that I didn't pay more than 980 yen (a little over $8) per meter.

Above are the thicker fabrics I got. They're not super-thick--they're thinner than denim, at least--but I think they'll be good for bags and anything else than needs to be sturdy. I didn't intend to buy a bunch of blue fabric, but I do naturally gravitate to blue. (For a long time my wardrobe was primarily blue.) Once I had picked out a few blue things I liked, I decided to go with mostly blue in case I wanted to piece things together for something quilt-ish, rather than buy some other random fabric that might not go with anything.

I'm really pleased with the haul, and can't wait to start sewing. I hope to practice a little this coming weekend--or, at least, do some research and find a good local quilting/sewing shop that I can visit for tips and support, and perhaps get some cheap practice fabric to make mistakes on before tackling the nice stuff.

Hope everyone has a good week!


Blogger Melissa said...

They are all so gorgeous! I love fabric, but couldn't sew to save my life.

6/01/2007 12:50 PM  

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