Saturday, January 20, 2007


Yes, it iced over in Austin something awful this past week. The temperatures were quite low for central Texas and the weather was pretty rotten--so rotten, in fact, that UT canceled school for the first two days of the semester AND delayed the start of school on the third day until 11 a.m. I don't have a TV myself, but my friends who do say that the local news were basically talking about the snow days like the end of the world was approaching.

I won't deny, though, that the weather did suck. I'm sure weather like this is a piece of cake to people up north, but in a place where temperatures rarely dip below freezing, freezing rain is no fun. I had to pull out my fleece-lined pants and woollen socks, which I rarely do in Texas. On Tuesday, it even snowed a little bit:

We also had freezing rain on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. The steps to my apartment got pretty well iced over, but I had cat litter to spread over them to keep them from getting too slick:

You can see where I sprinkled the litter. It's not an elegant solution, and now I have lots of cat litter tracked into my apartment, but it was better to buy a little bag of cat litter for less than $2 than to buy an enormous many-pound bag of salt. Those were basically the options I had at the grocery store.

The temperature hovered around freezing, so all the precipitation we had accumulated into big icicles:

There was ice built up on railings and tree branches over an inch thick. This is the railing outside my apartment:

Everything has thawed out by now, of course, and it's back to school, unfortunately. Although I could do without the freezing rain, I certainly didn't mind the extended holiday.


Blogger Ashley said...

Ok, that actually IS a lot of ice! Althoguh it could do 5 times that much here, and my school still wouldn't shut down. Oh, Austin. I miss snow days.

1/22/2007 8:22 AM  

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