Sunday, December 31, 2006

The end of the year

I suppose that, at the end of the year, it's proper to be retrospective and wax philosophical about the past year. Unfortunately, I don't really have time for this, as GPG and I are running around like headless chickens, trying to tie up all our loose ends before we leave to visit his family in Germany for the first 12 days of the New Year.

But, I would like to put down in writing my main New Year's Resolution:

I resolve to knit from my stash and not to buy new yarn at least until after I finish the bar exam in July.

Although this is a resolution for the New Year, I've already made it effective. I haven't bought new yarn since Dec. 18 or so, when I bought some new Louet Gems Pearl to stash up for some Anemoi Mittens. I've been tempted to have a last hurrah or two, especially now that lots of yarn stores are having sales, but I've managed to exercise some self-restraint. I really have a lot of yarn that needs attention; I shouldn't be buying more. When I get back to Austin, I'll take an inventory of what I have and show you just what I have in store for next year. I have tons of sock yarn, plus enough yarn for a Sunrise Circle jacket, a Jemima sweater (I've been coveting this sweater for ages; it looks so comfortable), an Hourglass sweater, and lots more.

I've made the deadline the bar exam because I thought I might want to reward myself after studying, but I actually hope that any splurge after the bar exam will be only an exception to the rule. I really doubt that I will be able to knit through my entire stash by July, especially once summer arrives and I start studying for the bar.

Anyway, I hope to post at least once more to show some of the things that I'm bringing to Germany for the GFamily. (Only a few people probably know that the "G" in "GPG" stands for "German.") Then I'll be back in about two weeks, hopefully with lots of pictures and news.

Have a very Happy New Year!


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