Sunday, December 04, 2005

Marathons and law school don't mix.

Especially not when you're trying to study for finals.

Last year I was wise and bumped down to the half marathon after my training languished during the first semester of law school. On one Saturday morning near finals I had run around 15 miles--still the farthest distance I've ever run--and I was out of commission for the rest of the day. Literally. My head was fuzzy and I was run-down and utterly exhausted until the next morning, after a good night's sleep. Studying was useless that day. I stopped training for the full marathon after that.

Now, I'm trying to train for the full marathon this year, and training is still not going well. The most I've run is 10 miles, and the marathon is about a month and a week away. I'm trying to convince myself that I can do a bunch of training over the winter holidays, but who knows if that is really the smartest thing I can do to my body.

Anyway, with the goal of running the full marathon in mind, I tried to do a bunch of studying at school today and then left around 3:45 to get a run in around Town Lake. I figured I'd try one loop, and then if I had some daylight left I'd tack on a little more to try and up my mileage. Since GPG and I had run around Town Lake on Thanksgiving, and I had also done one other 10-mile run since then, I figured I'd be okay and would even be able to study Federal Income Tax this evening. You know, to prepare for the THREE HOUR REVIEW SESSION that the professor is hosting tomorrow.

Boy, was I wrong. About the FIT, I mean. I made it around Town Lake once and then stopped because I was super cold (I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, which were fine when the sun was out but not so fine once the sun started setting) and because it was getting dark pretty quickly. I tried to book it around the trail because I was worried about the daylight and the temperature, and although that was a smart move in terms of preserving my arms, which were about to fall off my body and shatter like the icicles they had become, I'm in no shape to study FIT this evening.

And, of course, I'm in no shape to run that marathon in January. I sense a nice symmetry going here.


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