Wednesday, November 09, 2005

So close

It may be evident by now to those who know me well that my lack of posting about the championship flag football game means . . . we lost. 15 to 16. It was excruciating. I can't even muster up the will to write much about it, so here is a bit of what our team captain wrote to us today to summarize the game:

TLR lost in the championship co-ed flag football game by a score of 16 to 15. With two plays remaining, we scored a touchdown to pull within one of the eventual champion and decided to go for the win with a two-point conversion. Unfortunately, we came up inches short of completing the pass that would have made the conversion successful. We were in position to win the game and everyone played extremely well during the game--and throughout the season.

What our captain didn't include was that there were a lot of referee calls against us that made the ref'ing seem a little one-sided. I think it's always easy to blame losing a game on bad calls, but there were at least two instances that I can think of--one where we totally had a safety, but the refs didn't count it, and another where there was a serious roughing-the-receiver, illegal defense type incident that never got penalized--where a lack of proper refereeing was arguably outcome-determinative. I almost think that the captain used up all his arguing good will in the previous play-off games, because I'm pretty sure that one of the refs (who got into a few arguments with our captain in earlier games) probably didn't like us very much.

Oh, well. I guess there is always next year.



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