Sunday, November 06, 2005

Is it Christmas yet?

November is supposedly the month where law students are supposed to get into gear and start studying for finals. And, in fact, I think I remember being pretty hard-core intense about studying last year, when I was an eager-beaver 1L. Now I am a jaded 2L and it's a lot harder for me to get my study on. Instead, I'm just about ready to skip over to winter break right now. I am ready to veg on the couch watching things like the ooh-la-la-only-twenty-dollars-now-isn't-technology-awesome 6-hour BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, knitting pretty, pretty things and eating yummy baked-by-me goods.

But, since I can't, I have to focus on the federal income tax consequences of disguised income instead. And totally procrastinate by still baking yummy things and knitting on secret Christmas presents.

Finals are going to be a catastrophe, but at least I'll have all my Christmas presents ready and a good layer of pumpkin-bread-induced fat to keep me warm.


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