Sunday, November 20, 2005

A quickie update

I emerge from the depths of Intellectual Property (more specifically, the standards for patenting an invention) to procrastinate and write about other forms of procrastination in which I have engaged over the past few days:

1. The Chairman and Chairwoman came to visit. On Thursday. In the Chairman's case, from Japan! It was good to see both of them again. They brought me lots of food (which I definitely appreciate during this time of year, when I lose all motivation to cook anything for myself) and we also went and had dinner at the Brick Oven, an Italian restaurant nearby that serves remarkably good food for a remarkably good price. (Try the cannelloni if you go.) Now they are both back in Japan for Thanksgiving, although one wonders if turkey and mashed potatoes are easily accessible over there.

While they were visiting, I gave the Chairman his secret Christmas socks, which I'd been knitting like mad so they'd be ready by the time he came. They turned out quite handsomely, if I do say so myself, and I'm thrilled that they actually fit. The Chairman is supposed to send me a picture of them in action; when he does, I'll put it up here and actually have some knitting content on this blog!

2. GPG came for a visit. On Saturday. We didn't do too much, just had a lazy day, but it was nice--in part because we went to the Salt Lick and had scrumptious barbecue. Now, I know Austinites are pretty opinionated about who they think serves the best barbecue . . . and I will also confess that I am not a big barbecue aficionado. I don't eat out in very much while I'm up here, in interests of saving money, so to be absolutely honest, the only Austin barbecue I've had is Salt Lick barbecue. (And, in interests of being totally honest, that means that GPG is basically something of a sugardaddy for me.) So, although I won't give authoritative judgment on Austin barbecue . . . I will say that the Salt Lick is far better than any barbecue I ever had in Houston. Yes, even better than the ridiculous Goode Company, which I call "ridiculous" only in that the Salt Lick is SOOOOO much better that I don't understand why Houstonians go into such vapors over it. And, luckily for me, there's a nice new Salt Lick satellite location out on Capitol of TX Hwy, which means I don't have to go driving all over God's green earth to get some good barbecue. I was afraid that the food at this satellite wouldn't be as good as the original, but I'm pleased as punch to report that it is indeed as yummy.

That's what has been most memorable in the past few days.

Okay, back to IP.


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