Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Odessa X 3

I was quite scatterbrained this morning and left more than a few things at home by accident. One of these things was my camera, with some pictures of the chocolate chip cookies I made last night. Since I can't blog about those, I searched through the pictures I actually have saved on my computer and remembered these:

Three Odessas, ready to be given away as graduation presents to friends at school.

Your eyes don't deceive you--the blue one is, in fact, larger than the purple ones. The Odessa pattern fits my head pretty well, but I've discovered that I have a somewhat small head (at least, compared to all the people for whom I've made hats). I wanted to make these graduation presents a little bit bigger, just in case.

Unfortunately, making the blue one bigger ate into a second ball of the RYC Cashsoft DK I was using--enough so that I'm pretty sure I can't squeeze another full-size Odessa out of it, as I had hoped. So I made the purple ones to spec, and I just hope that they'll fit. I will make a smaller, kid-sized Odessa out of the remaining blue yarn I have left.

I had complained earlier about how the beads don't really show up very well on the light purple yarn. This is still the case, but they're more visible when the hat is actually worn. Nevertheless . . . I think a better combination of beads and yarn would have been ideal.


Blogger Ashley said...

What a nice gift! Your friends will love them. And if they're a little small? Introduce them to the magic of blocking.

4/24/2007 8:45 PM  

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